How much do you charge?
Our current prices can be accessed by clicking here.  We offer packages that include your wedding ceremony/officiant, photographer, and ceremony setup as well as extras like chairs, arches and pedestals. Feel free to contact us with any special requests or to get a personalized quote.

How far in advance do we need to book?
It is impossible to tell. Some dates (especially weekends in the Spring and Fall) get booked over a year in advance, and some dates never get booked. Saturdays tend to fill up first, and our calendar generally starts to get full about 6 to 8 months out. The best advice we can offer is as soon as you have set your date, make your deposits to reserve all of your vendors and venues. Of course, it never hurts to ask – we do have many dates available on short notice, and if you are flexible, we can usually squeeze you in!

Do you require a deposit?
Yes. We require a  deposit or full payment, depending on the package and how close to your wedding you book your package, to reserve your wedding date. Please understand, when we book your wedding date, we take that date and time off our calendar and may turn away several other clients who are interested in that date.

We already have a minister and/or photographer, can we just book you to setup the ceremony /décor?
We are not a rental company, and do not provide ceremony décor, arches, chairs, or beach decorations for other wedding vendors (after all, why should we make our competition look good?).        We do require that you use us for your ceremony officiant, and/or your photography/videography, and/or your day-of wedding coordination (preferably all three!) in order to have us set up your ceremony and décor.

Can we provide our own music?
If you have a friend or relative who is a musician or DJ and has the right equipment and expertise, by all means have them play at your wedding! Music adds a very special touch.
If you are thinking about providing your own recorded music, keep in mind you will need the right equipment (a typical CD player or boom box usually can’t be heard over the wind and waves), someone to set up the equipment, and someone to operate it and stop/start the music at the appropriate times during your wedding. Also remember there is no electricity on the beach. You only get one chance, and this is best left to the pros!

Where do you normally perform weddings?
We are based in Key West, Florida and specialize in beach and outdoor weddings on the island of Key West and the Florida Keys.

If you are looking for something other than the beach,there are  other elegant but inexpensive outdoor wedding venues in the Key West area just let us know. We’ll be happy to make suggestions.

Can you work with my hotel?
Absolutely – we have a great relationship with many of our local hotels and resorts, and we are happy to work with the staff to make your wedding day run smoothly. We can also recommend a hotel or answer questions if you are trying to decide on a venue, a place to stay, or a place to have your reception.

Can I get married on the beach behind my hotel?
While it is certainly possible, in some cases we don’t recommend it.  Most of our beachfront hotels have full time wedding coordinators who handle literally hundreds of weddings each year. Many will charge you for use of their beach, or require a minimum catering order for your reception. Getting married behind your hotel sometimes means working within the hotel’s timeline, dodging other wedding parties, and being herded around the property by their staff. It can really take away from our “Simple Weddings” philosophy, which is to relax, have fun, and make the day 100% about you and your preferences!

Another thing to keep in mind when deciding whether to get married behind your hotel is that most beachfront hotels have things like cabanas, umbrellas, and watersports rentals on the beach. These can make for distracting backgrounds in your wedding pictures.

What do we do if it rains?
We simply reschedule to the the same date with a different time or to the following day.  Please know that we cannot control the weather.  If we reschedule your wedding to the following day, you may not have the time of your choice, depending on the schedule of our staff and vendors.

On a cruise ship? Give us a call about another option we have for you.  We cannot get our equipment wet and cannot work in the rain.

Do you offer chairs, canopies, arches, etc?
Yes!  We offer chairs, and we have several arch options available as well as a full beach decor package.  The prices for these include delivery, setup, and removal.  Should you decide, in the event of inclement weather, not to reschedule to a date and time convenient to us and our vendors, you will forfeit your payment for any decor, etc.  It is only in your best interest that we ask you to reschedule in the case of bad weather.

Do you offer music?
Yes! We work with several local musicians and can provide you contacts to a violinist, harpist, guitarist, or steel drummer.  We also have a bluetooth enabled PA System in case you’d like to bring your own music.

Do we need a permit?
Permits not required for Smathers Beach.

How/where do we get a marriage license?
Getting a Florida marriage license is a fairly simple process. However, both bride and groom must be present with valid ID during business hours (8:30a-5p), Monday through Friday. For more details, see our Marriage License Info page for getting a license by mail.

Do we need to meet beforehand? Is there anything we need to do before our wedding?
Generally, the only thing you need to do is show up with a valid Florida Marriage License, relax, and enjoy your wedding! While we are happy to meet with you beforehand, schedules permitting, it is not necessary and we usually make our introductions a few minutes before the wedding. We like to make things easy and keep it simple, relaxed, and fun, and we will walk you through every step!

Do we need a rehearsal?
Honestly, no.  We have had so much experience that rehearsals are not necessary.  However, if you feel comfortable having a rehearsal, there is an additional charge as the additional time it takes is not included in your package pricing.  Please contact us for pricing.  If you have attendants for your wedding, you may want to make a list of how they are to “line up” just so that time is not wasted when you get to the beach.  After all, if your wedding is at sunset….the sun won’t wait for you (no matter how hard we try to make it!).

Will you meet with us if we come down for a “look-see” weekend before our wedding to check you out?
Sure we will, but…we do have to charge for our time. That charge will be deducted from your package if you decide to book your wedding with us.  You also have to understand that we will not give you any of our proprietary information until you are a confirmed client.  We’ve spent a lot of time developing relationships with hotels, restaurants, hairdressers, musicians, etc.  We only give our confirmed clients our secret info.  Also, please have specific questions ready….our time is very precious, we are very busy, and we don’t want to waste our time….or yours.

What is the best time of day for a beach wedding?
It is a matter of personal preference!  The majority of our beach weddings begin about one to two hours before sunset to take advantage of the best lighting for photography. The light is bright and harsh in the middle of the day where there is little or no shade, and shadows and squinting become a problem. If your wedding is at a home, park, botanical garden, museum, or anywhere there is more shade, you are less restricted by the time of day.

Photography:  We allow you to download your entire album of images right to your computer.  That way you won’t need a photographers release letter and you can put them on a thumb drive or DVD and you can bring them anywhere to have them printed.

Do you edit our photographs?
Your images will be professionally edited/retouched for lighting and density to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Note: This includes basic editing only (removing blemishes, removing people from the background, cropping, straightening, lighting, etc.).  Additional advanced editing (smoothing skin, slimming down, eye detailing etc.) is extremely time consuming and has a separate hourly charge based on individual needs.

What file type do you use? 
The images you receive will be .jpegs (i.e. yourphoto.jpg).

What size will my digital images be? Can I get them “blown up” to whatever size I want?

Your digital images will be high resolution and can be printed as large as 11 x 14.


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