Meet our Designer: Diane Good


Here are a few words from Diane about your color palette:

As your “Once Upon a Time” day approaches, you are probably daydreaming about that walk down the aisle with all eyes focused exclusively on you. The beach venue is pristine, the décor showcases your over the top color palette, and the wedding party is a clever finesse of mix and match perfection. But what about you? Could it be that your wedding design might be upstaging you?

The single most often asked question that I get is “How do I choose colors effectively?” First of all, think about the overall presentation from a photography standpoint. The photographer locates a natural focal point, then adds in smaller vignettes to tell a story. Color is the driving force behind how the lens, like the human eye, perceives that focal point. Which brings us to selecting an effective color palette. Since the beach is an expansive, neutral open space, creative color placement is critical.

A mixture of bold, contrasting colors can be very eye appealing, if that contrast is compatible. Striking designs of black and white, turquoise and white, or navy and white lend themselves to a crisp, clean design. Even a third bold color as an accent, in a small way, can create interest, but still maintain the elegance of a contemporary or classic theme.

When any two bold colors such as red, orange, yellow, fuchsia, purple or turquoise are paired together, the impact is heightened. But this can be effective, visually, if just those two colors are repeated throughout the décor. Introducing a third color could be sensory overload, causing the eye to bounce around from one bold color to the other, without settling on a focal point. Definitely a situation where the bride could get “lost” in a sea of competing colors.

Next, consider what happens when crossing over from a bold color, such as red, to a weaker hue with less contrast, such as a soft aqua or blue. From a photography standpoint, the red, of course, will dominate, leaving the weaker color looking watered down. This can, unfortunately, create an unbalanced design, which will be a detractor in your wedding album photos. Matching colors in intensity will ensure a fluid transition throughout the whole design.

At the other end of the spectrum, are the romantic whites, creams and blush tones, which set the stage for an understated, simple elegance that plays off of the more neutral color palettes. Champagne, silver gray, or taupe – when paired with pinks, soft coral, sage or pale blue, enhance that romantic theme. This décor focuses exclusively on muted undertones, with variations of several underlying tints providing the overall impact. As long as the neutral component is maintained throughout, the design can be simply stunning.

Flowers, of course, are critical to successfully linking the color palette together. Flowers that are bright and bold can overpower a weaker accent color. On the other hand, if the flowers are pale and neutral, they will not sustain the contrast of a bold color combination. Sometimes brides treat flowers as a separate entity, without consideration as to how they will appear in the final set up. For example, if the décor is soft and romantic – bold, tropical flowers in reds, yellows and oranges can visually undermine the whole theme. Likewise, remember that sometimes flowers are probably not going to be available in an exactly matched version of your color palette – such as red and aqua, or purple and teal. However, a complimentary color can sometimes be effectively substituted, without compromising the overall design.

Lastly, the wedding party attire can be an integral part of the finished product. If everything around them is a contrast of bold colors, consider keeping the groomsmen in neutral shades, with a touch of one of the colors in a boutonniere. Bridesmaids’ dresses also have a huge impact visually, as they define the space near the arch and around the bride. Give careful consideration as to how that color will compliment the rest of your design.

At Weddings To Go, we always comply with our bride’s décor requests for their special day. We make suggestions, refer them to web albums for ideas, and consult with them regarding their last minute details. We want our brides to have the wedding they have always dreamed of. When they ask, “What do you think?”, we give our best recommendations, but the final decision ultimately remains with the bride.

Think through your design, keeping basic key points in mind. By focusing on the components of color selection, flower choices, and/or wedding party attire, you won’t find yourself “lost” in an overwhelming decor. You are the star of the show. When there is a balance of color throughout, all eyes WILL BE focused on you as you walk down the aisle. And that’s just the way we like it!


Meet our Designer: Dana Jankovicova

Dana, was born in Slovakia and comes to us by way of New York City.  She is full of energy and great ideas.

She is also one of our own brides, and had her own beach wedding, tying the knot on May 11, 2017.  Dana is very talented, creative and can pull decor ideas right out of a hat!!  Working well with Diane, they can create the wedding you’ve always dreamed of!!

Here are a few of her designs:






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